Sunday, July 13, 2008

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Carolina Cool

Green is at once warm and inviting, cool and sophisticated. Use it as a starting point for jaw-dropping living room decor.

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Gone are the days of no-touchy rooms and furnishings; here to stay are delightfully livable living rooms. Take a look at five elements for creating an inviting living space, exemplified by this fresh green living space filled with French antiques.

Pretty color: Sunny yellow and soothing greens stand out on a classically subdued background of camel and navy. Put your favorite colors into the areas you spend the most time in.

Wall details: This room boasts a custom shade of green that decorative painters applied with glaze, using a stri� technique. The finished effect has the look of subtle, soothing wallpaper.

Panels plus a partner: Bamboo shades gently filter warm sunlight while full plaid linen panels, trimmed with fringe, provide textural contrast and light control.

Soft formal flair: Stately French antiques and cushy new pieces are upholstered in a symphony of green fabrics. The small-scale furniture rearranges easily when you need to use the room to entertain.

Personal touch: Incorporate your passions and collections into your design. For example, in this space filled with a French antique collection, the lamp on the sideboard is a converted French candlestick and the metal flower sculptures above were made from the homeowners' antiques collection.

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